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Unlimited Reformer Classes

$50 (valid two weeks)


Who we are

T FORM Pilates challenges your body to become a stronger form of you.

All classes provide a total workout, with exercises to strengthen core, improve posture, increase flexibility and leave you feeling energised.

We’ve kept our classes small so we can really concentrate on your technique and form, no matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

We offer a range of classes suitable to all levels of fitness and experience including small group classes for those recovering from injury or after a personalised program.

We care about your body and want to work with you to make it the best it can be.

  • “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.”

    – Joseph Pilates

  • “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

    – Joseph Pilates

  • “Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavour.”

    – Joseph Pilates

The Team

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  • Tamara Weston

    Tamara Weston

    Owner - Accredited APMA Level 2 Teacher

    As a teenager Tamara was diagnosed with severe scoliosis and had to wear a full back brace for 3 years. When the brace eventually came off she was so weak she could barely stand up. She started practicing the Pilates Method to regain core strength, maintain mobility in the spine and improve posture - elements still fundamental to her practice and teaching approach today. Through Pilates Tamara’s unlocked a life she didn’t think possible – she can run, swim, ride and live an active life comfortably! In 2012 after studying to be a qualified teacher, she founded T Form Pilates to help others gain the freedom to live an active pain free life. 

  • Alicia Attwood

    Alicia Attwood

    Certificate IV in Pilates, III & IV in FitnessCertificate III & IV in Dance & Performing Arts

    Meet Alicia! She is a passionate and dedicated teacher who has been training clients for the last 3 years. She started her own Pilates training 8 years ago and decided to learn & study more when she was set back for 18 months due to a dance injury. One of the main reasons she recovered was consistent clinical Pilates which rebuilt Alicia’s technique, posture, strength and stability. Using this experience of her own she thrives on assisting clients build strength, improve posture and stabilize their body so they can enjoy a healthy and happy life!

  • Kirra Young

    Kirra Young

    JPilates (ActiveIQ) Level 3 Diploma in matwork, reformer and barre

    Kirra was introduced to Pilates whilst studying singing and acting at University in the UK where Pilates was used to assist with body awareness, strength and flexibility. She went on to study the method at London’s JPilates where she obtained her mat and progressive reformer qualification. Kirra is qualified to teach pre and post-natal Pilates.
    Kirra believes that practicing regular Pilates can benefit not only people’s physical wellbeing, but also their mental wellbeing. She believes Pilates is for everyone and approaches her instruction with a positive and encouraging teaching style.

  • Colleen Mahony

    Colleen Mahony

    Bachelor Applied Science (Exercise Science), Masters of Clinical Exercise Science and Rehabilitation, APMA Level 1 and 2 Pilates Teacher Training

    Colleen comes to T Form from an extensive background in the health and fitness industry.
    With a history of back pain, she knows first hand how Pilates can dramatically improve chronic musculoskeletal conditions and quality of life. She has a keen interest and experience in pre/postnatal Pilates and exercise, as well as injury and chronic disease management.
    When not teaching Pilates, Colleen is a busy mum of one, with another baby on the way! Her classes are focused building strength and stability, as well as empowering her clients with the skills and knowledge required to maintain an active lifestyle.

  • Lucy Mulcahy

    Lucy Mulcahy

    Core+ Hot Pilates, Jimmy Barkan Method 200hr Hot Yoga, Level 1 Yin Training, Fitness Pilates - Reformer (Positive Action Pilates)

    After ending a career as an elite Rhythmic Gymnast, Lucy developed an interest in Pilates & Yoga which has allowed her to build on her strength and movement patterns developed during her competing days. Lucy's training began with Jimmy Barkan's 200hr Yoga course where she found her voice as a strong and dynamic teacher. From there she furthered her studies by adding Yin, Core+ Hot Pilates & Pilates Reformer training. Lucy brings energy to her classes, instilling a mix of grace and strength, but at the same time retaining a relaxed and positive atmosphere.

  • Sarah Clarke

    Sarah Clarke

    Certificate IV in Pilates and Certificate IV in fitness

    After completing a Diploma in dance and Performing Arts Sarah has spent the last ten years working professionally as a dancer. Some of her most recent dance credits include Australian tours of Broadway to Oz staring Hugh Jackman, We Will Rock You, A Chorus Line, Grease The Arena Spectacular and Dancer at Tokyo Disneyland. Through her love of dance Sarah found Pilates and has been training in Pilates since 2006.

Class Types

Compare & choose the FORM for you

We offer a variety of classes to suit all levels of fitness, experience and individual needs.

Our classes are challenging, low impact, and a total body workout focusing on strengthening the core, improving posture and flexibility and developing strong and toned bodies.

Staying true to the Pilates method, we pay close attention to form and execution to equip our clients with the Pilates knowledge they need so they can apply muscular patterns learned to assist in everyday activities.



    A solid and challenging workout that targets the whole body through controlled movements with attention to core strengthening, posture and flexibility. Classes incorporate mat and reformer exercises.

    Reformer Open Suitable for all levels of experience
    Reformer Jump Using the Jumpboard this class is more intense and fast-paced. Class incorporates general reformer exercises too. *not appropriate for those who are injured or pregnant.
    Reformer Fitness Advanced level class focused on technique, challenging coordination and balance. *not suitable for those who are injured or pregnant

    Casual – $30

    5 Class Pass – $135

    10 Class Pass – $250

    Monthly Pass – $215 (Max 12 classes)

    Intro offer – $50 for 5 classes (valid 14 days)

    Package Name



    Suitable for new Mums with children up to the age of 6 months old.
    Exercise are designed to support the recovery to prevent low back pain, improve posture and strengthen weak abdominal muscles.

    Casual – $35

    5 Class Pass – $150

    10 Class Pass – $280

    Package Name



    Pilates is a great form of exercise during pregnancy. The exercises aim to strengthen and stretch specific muscle groups that may become weakened or tight due to the changes occuring in the body. It’s low impact and kind on the joints and muscles.

    Casual – $30

    5 Class Pass – $135

    10 Class Pass – $250

    Package Name



    Programs tailored to your individual body and posture goals including assistance with injury recovery. Exercises are completed on the mat and reformer bed.


    Casual – $45 / $60 / $90

    5 Class Pass – $200 / $250 / $400

    10 Class Pass – $360 / $450 / $700

    (An intial consult is recommended but not compulsory)

    Package Name




“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 you will have a whole new body.” – Joseph Pilates

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